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True Window

A tool for manage, people and improvement of quality: managers, costumers and suppliers.


TRUE WINDOW is a screen recording system for workstation, allowing several management actions, such as auditing critical operations;

  • Detect possible errors or improprieties from wrong usage of the system or other tools;
  • Evaluate the recordings quality
  • Support on the operations monitoring – consults and operations on all related systems.
  • Register the operator communication by email or IM, regardless of the Protocol version
  • Assist on new collaborator’s training
  • Detect and inhibit improper, fraudulent and unethical operations, or those that are not on the procedure of the company using the recording system.
  • TRUE WINDOW  generates multiple BENEFITS: It is a management and control tool for the information and operations of the company; Assists on reducing operations costs, a good cost-benefit tool, and total security on the storage of information with access-control.



  • Codec H264 high compression rate.
  • Average of 110KB per minute of recorded screen.
  • AVI video format – Simultaneous voice recording and synchronized reproduction.
  • Reproductions may be continuous, selective and manual.


The SCREEN RECORDING system (TRUE WINDOW) is composed of a Server, a True window software and a module of search and reproduction.


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