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Vox Perfect - Phone recorder PBX compatibility

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The VoxPefect phone recording solution is compatible with the major PBXs in the market.

For Avaya and Cisco PBXs, in addition to integrating the recorder through SIPREC and Port Mirroring, we have developed a solution using the native interfaces of these brands, such as DMCC for Avaya and BiB (Built in Bridge) for Cisco. 


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Phone Recorder for Cisco


The integration of the telephone recorder with the other PBXs is done through Port Mirroring and also through SIPREC.

Among the main brands of PABX that we already work we stand out:


Panasonic PBX Integration
Phone Recording for Panasonic PBX
Alcatel PBX Integration
Phone Recording for Alcatel PBX 
Integração via SIPREC com Broadsoft Phone Recording for Broadsoft
(via SIPREC)
Mitel PABX integration
Phone Recording for Mitel PBX
Nortel PBX integration
Phone Recording for Nortel PBX
NEC PABX integration
Phone Recording for NEC PBX 
Philips PBX integration
Phone Recording for Philips PBX
Siemens PBX integration
Phone Recording for Siemens PBX 
Unify PBX integration
Phone Recording for Unify PBX 



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