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About Us

VOX AMERICAN RECORDERS is a company engaged in the technology segment directed to telecommunications and information technology.

Counting with a team of high-qualified professional technicians, we are committed to attend large and small business with agility, efficiency and security, guaranteeing the full satisfaction of our clients, offering the most modern solutions on data and voice recording.

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Developing innovative services and products of Voice and Data Recording, adapting to the costumer’s demands, which are loyal for the quality, flexibility, the best cost-benefit and permanent assistance our company provides.


Growing sustainably in the Voice Recording Marketing, expanding the business to other MERCOSUR countries, presenting new solutions and focusing on our clients, motivating our employees in their investments and social integrity.


Constant commitment to our client’s demands, offering products and services, with quality, ethics and transparency, maintaining the growth of our team and healthy competitiveness on the market.


VOX is a young company in the technology sector.

In 1996, its founder started to work with telephone and voice recording and storage systems, seeking tools of managements extracted from this process.

In the beginning of 2006, after observing for a long time the demands of the market, formed by financial institutions, government organs, call centers and telecommunications companies, its entrepreneur founded VOX Solutions, with the mission of offering individualized projects and reliable solutions of high-performance and permanent security service for the market.

From the recognition of this demands that, with a high-prepared and compromised team, VOX developed the VOX Perfect line of products.

For its adaptability, security, permanent assistance and guaranteed quality, VOX has made hundreds of loyal clientele.

VOX has its own support team, which provides 24/7 services of maintenance and interface adjustments, supporting the procedures of recording of all its clients.

Our team is constantly and uninterruptedly developing new functions, sub products and tools on its processing system, offering them to all its users.

For its trajectory and dedication, VOX is recognized in the Brazilian market and is preparing to reach the demands of other countries in South America.

Phone recorder compatible with the best PBX in the market

Phone Recorder for Avaya
Phone Recorder for Cisco
Phone Recorder for PABX Panasonic
Phone Recorder for PABX Broadsoft
Phone Recorder for PABX Siemens
Phone Recorder for PABX Unify
Phone Recorder for PABX Mitel
Phone Recorder for PABX Philips
Phone Recorder for PABX NEC
Phone Recorder for PABX Nortel
Phone Recorder for PABX Alcatel

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